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Theatre Installation - Sensory Experience

Angelo Facchetti, Francesca Franzè


Technique and sound settings: ALESSANDRO CALABRESE

ARCHIPELAGO is a theatre installation played and brought alive by children actions. Children are immersed in a symbolic context in which they can recognize some metaphors within which to orient themselves. A journey that we hope will help children to elaborate emotions and life experiences, sharing indelible traces that some individual or collective experiences may have left in their deepest self.
The operator welcomes children in a first room (or a protected environment) in which he will provide them, through a short ritual moment, some instruction and, especially, suggestions.
At that point, barefoot children, one-by-one, on tiptoe, are ready to go inside another large, dark room where they find a small archipelago made up of many islands: small units scattered on the floor/sea that can accommodate only one survivor at a time. In front of each Island, every child finds a message with a suggestive question or a symbolic request. Some installation previews contact, manipulation, a multi-sensory or tactile interaction. Others are only for contemplation, allowing that what children see or perceive could be a stimulus for an answer or a flow of words. Every child is free to express as he prefers, finding his own answer, aware that he is alone with the element that stands in front of him. Once the experience on a single island is over, every child sets off again for a new stop, another island to explore.

The project can be presented in 3 different modalities, depending on the context in which it’s proposed:

1. A first version for the schools. A week after the exploration of the Archipelago, installed into the school, the classes receive a glass bottle. The cap is a candle, ready to be lit. Inside the bottle there will be a message with instructions on how to place the room and prepare to receive a gift, the treasure that has been conceived for them.
Children will listen an audio that contain a summary of the most significant interventions made by them during the performance. In a poetic way, they receive a sort of choral testimony of their thoughts and moods, a shared and collective fresco on the small and large themes with which they have measured themselves.
Duration: 25 minutes for each group + 1 h of activity a week later in every class
Age: from 7 to 12 y.o.

2. A second possibility is to immerge Archipelago into an artistic context.
In this case Archipelago becomes an instrument to facilitate children fruition of a museum and the way to connect Art and children emotions: an experience that can be shared with their own schoolmates or their parents. This version has been successfully experimented with Museo Santa Giulia of Brescia in July 2021. When Archipelago is experimented by parents and children together, it can be enjoyed also by younger children, from 5 years old.
Duration: depending on the museum in which we adapt the installation.
Age: for schools from 7 to 12 y.o. / for families, from 5 y.o.

Here a video clip of the experience done in Santa Giulia Museum of Brescia.

3. A performative version, for festivals and theatres that aim to involve their audience into an interactive and innovative theatre experience.
The audience is invited to explore 3 different environments: a first artistic moment that introduce what it will happen, the immersion into the Emotional Archipelago and, at the end, a third room, for a symbolic restitution with visual and sound suggestions.
Duration: 40 minutes
Age: for schools from 7 to 12 y.o. / for families, from 5 y.o.